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Our Strategy

The Strategy of Steppes Partners is to gain a diverse exposure across the alternative asset management space and to either acquire, or, take majority interests in growing alternative asset management businesses.

We believe that transitioning economies and growing numbers in the aspirational middle classes will lead to a segmentation of investors and will, in turn, drive greater segmentation of managers themselves, and our strategy is to align ourselves with this shifting dynamic.


Our strategy is to expand through acquisition by acquiring talent, track record and scale.  This, combined with a strategy of “borrowing”, means partnering with other institutions, including asset managers, wealth managers, private banks and funds-of-funds, to expand our investment capabilities and take advantage of broadened distribution channels.


“Borrowing” relationships include but are not limited to, distribution arrangements, joint ventures and sub-advisory relationships. These markers define our near, mid-term, and long term strategy of building a global footprint in alternative asset management and ultimately delivering exceptional shareholder value.